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The Boattail Registry is now fully automated.

The Registry's purpose is to gather and share information about our beloved Rivieras

Including options, photos, documentation, restoration and history of individual Rivieras and thier owners

We have made entering your info super easy for you. You may Sign up/Login to create and modify your own Rivs secure page. Access to other member pages is only on your members control panel.

Public area has lots of info and includes Photo Galleries, The Library and Basic Registry Info

The site consists four main components

The Public Area (access for anyone) - Contains Photo Galleries and basic info.

The Public Registry - Contains Basic info on individual Rivs - is automatically built when you enter info for a members account or you can add only your Riv's basic info here.

The Public Library - We have permission from The GM Media Archives to post original manuals, advertising etc (see About Terms of Use for more info)

The library is free for your use and needs your input to become a complete information source

Current contents are

1971 Buick Chassis Service Manual - All Series

1971 Buick New Product Chassis Service Manual - An all series supplement to the 1970 Service Manual issued prior to the 71 Service Manual

1971 GM Fisher Body Manual Full-line

1971 Buick Riviera Wiring Diagrams - Extracts from 1971 Buick Chassis Service Manual and 71 Full-line GM Fisher Body Manual for Riviera Only Wiring

1971 Quadra jet Cleaning and Adjustment

1971 Buick Dealership Color & Trim Binder - The showroom display binder for all 1971 Bucks

1971 Dealership Exterior Color & Top Selector - Part of showroom display binder includes all combinations

1971 Buick Riviera Owners Manual

1971 Buick Consumer Information Guide

1971 Buick FM Stereo Guide

1971 Buick New Vehicle warranty card

1971 Buick Accessories Brochure

1971 Buick Basic Specs and MSRPs - major options and prices included

Presenting the 1971 Buick D.O.T Sales Ideas - The salesmens features to sell it guide for all 1971 Buicks

1971 Buick Salesmen’s Pocket Facts Binder - In depth salesmens information for all 1971 Buicks

1971 Buick Pocket Price Directory – 24 Nov 1970 options and prices for all 1971 Buicks, part of Pocket Facts Binder

1971 Riviera A New Set of Values Brochure - Riviera Only Brochure

1972 Buick Chassis Service Manual - All Series

1972 GM Fisher Body Manual Full-line

1972 Buick Riviera Wiring Diagrams - Extracts from 1972 Buick Chassis Service Manual and 72 Full-line GM Fisher Body Manual for Riviera Only Wiring

1972 Electric Sunroof GM Service Manual

1973 Buick Chassis Service Manual - All Series

1973 GM Fisher Body Manual Full-line

1973 Buick Riviera Wiring Diagrams - 1973 Buick Chassis Service Manual and 73 Full-line GM Fisher Body Manual Extracts for Riviera Only Wiring

1973 Buick Accessories Brochure

1973 Riviera Features and Partial 73 Price Directory - Includes Full Size Buicks, Options and Prices for Riviera

1973 Buick Maintenance Schedule

1973 Buick Brochure Riviera Pages + Press Release Photos

Understanding Your Quadrajet – Guide to how the 4MV carburetors features function

Borg Clock Repair by Pat Gaglione - How to fix your Rivs clock guide

Plus the growing links and video sections

Up Coming Additions

1971 Buick Engineering Specifications - All Series

Full 1971 Buick Brochure

1971 Buick Brochure - Riviera only pages

1971 Specs Handout Card

1972 Buick Brochure - Riviera only pages

full 1973 Brochure

All Three Model Year - Example and Blank Window Stickers

All Three Model Year - Order Forms

Any documents you may have plus restoration tips or articles you write and send in. .

It is you portal to not only Share the Pride - but Spread Knowledge.

The Members Only Area - is secure access only be member account /login - where you can build your own Riv Page - add detailed specific car/owner information - its all automated and builds a you an option list with prices codes etc - by simply selecting what on your Riv.- you can then add pictures in you own set of photo Galleries. Everything in here is under your control

Photo upload is set up for 3 pictures, 1 to make a trim slide, 1 (will also use others you email me also) for me to make your interior slide, 1 for body trim plate. These will auto name and insert photo into to your page, We will then take them from there to make into slides.

Gallery Upload - requires Java - the upload manager allows you to add pictures to your galeries, rename, delete, create, your folders etc.

We have built comprehensive lists of options for each year boattail – with the help of Yahoo Boattail Group, members of the Riviera Owners Association and co-operation of Buick- Riviera .com - please visit their links on top of the page.

These lists are part of the automated input and masters will posted for download once we get complete pricing info for 72s. The input windows have space to write some stories/ antidotes as well as a large area for the history of your car plus what's planned or you wish to do.

Contact to you and previous owners if you supply this info, is on secure pages and the Public Registry Page this is done by a "request contact" link that protects your email address - until you decide to respond or not -- this is great if you are selling your car or people just want ask you questions,(looking at adding a members only comments section for each car,administered by the car owner, tell me what you thinkz)

You can put For Sale /Contact info in the Public Registry along with your website, if you so desire. You may enter info into The Public Registry without a member account or access to secure pages if so wish - this is mainly for salvage yards (or your next trip to one) and dealers and sellers who do not wish to signup - but want to let us know about the rivs they have (or have had).

A valid VIN and email is required - and all entrys must wait for a review and approval before info is posted.

Your pictures will also be used to build picture links to color and trim charts - option lists etc and displayed in the public galleries - along with your name, state, country and any info you wish added(within the space available) just let us when sending them in, or tell us not too post in public galleries if you just want a private account in the members only area

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