LowRider AKA - Robs 71 Red Riv's Mascot Members Page - 1H000EXp

VIN: 1H000EXp
Paint Code: 74-X
Vinyl Roof: Code A
Trim Code: Y46 695
Current Owner(s): LowRider AKA - Robs 71 Red Riv's Mascot
Date Acquired: 11/10/2010
Location: This location is on the internet , so dont be to specific
Location Country: Canada
Current Condition: Original With Repaint
Data Input Date: 2010-11-10
GS or Stnd - Major Options and Mods: Start with GS or Stnd Riv and list the Options, features and any mods add on's, you wish others to know about.Seen on both the Public Registry Page and Your Secure Members Page. Limit is 200 Character
Last recorded mileage: 61,270
Mileage Date: 11/10/2010
Remarks: Whatever you wish to add about yourself or your Riv. Even For Sale /Contact info along with your phone #/email if you wish. This is Seen on both the Public Registry Page and Your Secure Members Page.
website: http://boattail-riviera-by-buick.com/registry/info/info.php

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Car Options

WE6A9455 Cu. In. Engine Group-455 Cu. In. High Performance V8 Engine W/4 Bbl. Carb. Stnd. on. Comp. Non-Lead Fuel. Includes. Specific Cooling And Energizer216.82
M40B2Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 TransmissionN.E.C
D55B4Full Length Console61.05
WB4D4Radio Group-Sonomatic Am-Fm Stereo Radio And Front And Rear Dual Speakers238.92
N10E1Dual ExhaustN.E.C
P26F1Tire: H78-15 Dual White Stripe35.79
G80G4Positive Traction Differential49.47
F40H2Firm Ride And Handling-Heavy Duty Suspension - Heavy Duty Wheels & Heavy Duty Springs15.79
C60I6Air Conditioning Manual Control442.34
T87K2Cornering Lights36.84
U15K3Speed Alert & Trip Odometer17.90
KACornering Lights & Speed Alert & Trip Odometer
A01L1Soft Ray Tinted Glass50.52
A02L2Soft Ray Tinted Windshield35.79
U05N2Four Note Horn15.79
D33O5Remote Control Outside Rear View MirrorN.E.C
Y54P1Carpet Savers And Handy Mats15.79
A46Q5Power Seat - 4 Way Bucket78.94
A31R1Power Windows132.62
N33S7Tilt Steering WheelN.E.C
A90T1Electric Trunk Release14.74
UF3U5Sun Shade Map Light6.32
P05V2Chrome Plated Wheels94.73
C08*** Custom Vinyl Roof Covering - Rear Quarter Belt Finish Molding128.41

Car History

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Previous Owners

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If you dont do this we, will have contact you to verify - or require the new owner to prove ownership by sending a copy of title. 11/15/2010 - 11/01/1970
Original Owner John J. Hounddogger, Barksville, USA.. John was my Grandfather and gave me the Riv when I graduated racing school, This was Johns first new car, - 11/15/2010

Current Owner

LowRider AKA - Robs 71 Red Riv's Mascot This location is on the internet , so dont be to specific, Canada
Date aquired: 11/10/2010 to Sunday November 21, 2010
ROA # if your a member
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