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VIN: 1H925394
Asking Price: 4000
Date: 2917-03-19
Mileage: 88,196
Sellers Description:  
Location: USA, NC
Views: 13886
VIN: 3H437125
Asking Price: Various
Date: 2012-06-17
Sellers Description:  
Location: USA, Missouri
This one of three 1973 Buick Rivieras I found in a local junkyard. I have gotten a few parts here and there for friends in the Registry and Fb. I will harvest for you for a small fee. Let me know what you need and I will post a video for you to see the harvest, if possible.
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VIN: 3H575342
Asking Price: 2000
Date: 2017-02-23
Mileage: 127,000
Sellers Description:  
Location: USA, Washington
The description below is from my Craigslist ad in the Seattle area. I'd really like to move the car complete to someone who appreciates the boattail. But, if I can't get a taker, I'm considering parting it out due to the amount of bodywork needed. Let me know if you are interested..... I've got a 1973 Buick Riviera that I'd like to find a new home for. The car runs good, drives good, and has an interior that's in good condition. I've put a lot work into the mechanics and interior of the car to get it up and running but the body is in pretty bad shape (spent 40 years in Chicago). I'm lowering the price substantially from the last time I posted, in an effort to move the vehicle despite the issues with the body. The car could be restored, or used as a parts car. If I can't move the car at this price then I am considering tearing it apart and selling the parts instead of the whole car. Here's some additional information about the vehicle: Buick 455 - runs great. Numbers matching. Currently has an Edelbrock Carb on it, but I have the original Quadrajet. New Fuel Pump, Radiator, fuel lines. Brakes Redone New plugs and wires Installed Edelbrock Carb, due to broken choke on Quadrajet Reupholstered Front Bench Replaced Carpet (originally green, replaced with black); Used rust converter under carpet to slow decay New Tires (probably a couple hundred miles on them) All Glass is good 6 way power seats work All 4 windows work (they move slow, but they all go up and down) Chrome work is in OK condition...some is better than others As mentioned above, the body has rust issues (bottoms of doors are out, Rust under rear seat, Hole in trunk, Transmission is good Lights work Radio works (disconnected the rear speakers and am in the process of installing an offline ipod player) Interior door panels are not in great condition. Dash is in OK condition - one good size crack and one hole...looks like someone had something attached there too long. Interior is Green Exterior used to be green, but is Gray Primer now
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