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The following vendors and sites have been recommended by members of the

Facebook and Yahoo Boattail Groups or Buick-Riviera Forum

Do you have good parts source or some thing you think might be of interest to

Boattail Enthusiasts send it to us we will ad it here along with
any vender link comments you may have.



Parts Vendors

Classic Buicks

Antique Old Buick Parts CARS, Inc _ Aug 2014 Members have reported very long delays in receiving orders- 6 weeks so far a US order and over 5 months for an international order for window felts - both recieved no notification until questioned, others a still waiting or have canceled orders. .

Jim Osborn Reproductions Inc.

Decals, Tags, some books


Rubber The Right Way Classic Auto -

http://www.the auto parts shops

OPGI Riviera Cat - has some things other don't - but member recommendation is go there only as last resort to many wrong parts sent lots of low quality poor fitting high cost items



ACC carpets

Quanta Products

Floor & Trunk Pans

Fiberglass&Steel Bodyparts

SMS Auto Fabrics auto upholstery, cloth, vinyl, door panels, seat covers

CEJA Boattail and other Buick Plastic Arm Rest Covers and a few dash covers

CEJA Auto Upholstery main page

.rvinyl.com - Engine Turn Vinyl Film

Waldron Riviera Exhaust - both stainless and aluminized


The Buick Parts Directory

A site with more links

The Buick Parts Page.com

Recently updated - Has tons of parts/restoration/General Buick Information links. A great place to Find Buick Parts -- it includes and is organized by: Accessories & Misc, Body & Sheet Metal, Books & Manuals, Brakes & Suspension, Carburetor & Fuel Parts, Chrome & Metal Plating, Convertible Parts, Electrical Parts, Engine & Drivetrain, Exhaust, Parts Exterior Moldings & Trim, Interior Parts, Paint, Sanding & Finishing Restoration Shops, Rubber & Weatherstripping, Salvage Parts & Locators, Wheels & Tires, Buick Organizations, Buick Registries, Buick Forums. and a really nice Parts Search function

Some good deals hard to find Parts

Right Stuff Detailing
Lots Skylark GS stuff -some will fit like 455 engine parts but may not have the same part number search full size for Boattail parts like Brake Parts and Lines opens PDF best prices Ive seen for lines


Dual Strip Tires

(+ other specialty tires)

Diamond Back Classic Tires

Corker tire


Salvage yards

All American classics (salvage yard)

A few picked over Boattails Great search function Very prompt friendly service


Forums and clubs /newsletters etc

Boat-Tail : Buick-Boat-Tail-Riviera 1971-73


Riviera Owners Association, dedicated to restoration of the Buick Riviera

Riviera forum - Home

BCA - Home Page

Team Buick - Forum, Reference library, ads and a lot more


Buick Links

OPGI Newsletter/71 boattail

Hemmings coverage of 2010 Annual ROA Meet

Handy Buick Links - BuickStreet.com

Musclecarclub.com - Muscle Car Engines - Buick Stage 1

Buick Street.com - 455 Buick Stage 3 Engine

Buick Motor Division - A Brief History

More Buick forums on Buick Parts Page.com

American Torque . Com Auto Trivia Games -- lots of fun

e Buick from 1908 to 1970

Buick Riviera uk ( dead for now)


Eastern Canada Old Car Scene

Maritime Classic Cars - Car Clubs Listing

Maritime Classic Cars - Show Pictures Listing

Maritime Classic Cars - Home Page

Maritime Up to Date Car Show Listings

Johns Old Car and Truck Pictures, Memory Lane Like browesing thru pictures of old cars thousands of them here,plus brochures, and other interesting stuff from around the maritimes



My 71redriv





. Rivs around the world Canada

General car stuff


Eastwood Company Auto Tools, Body Repair, Classic Car Restoration, House of Kolor Paint, Powder Coating

Leather Magic leather

NAPA Online Canada

New Car Prices, Used Car Values, New Car Reviews and Car Buying at NADA Guides

Star Models Home Page they have Boattail resin kits

StationWagons Here just because I like station wagons too


Hemmings Motor News: Save That Paint

amospublishing.com/ Free Online Car Mags

Motoring TV


carnuts My Links