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VIN: 1H906390
Sold For $18500.00
Date: $data[date_sold]
Mileage: 77
Sellers Description:  
SOLD - Thanks for looking, but I cannot get the ad to delete from the website! 1971 Riviera GS - Vintage Red over Black Buckets, Chrome road wheels. Numbers matching. Restored in 2007, driven to car shows and garage kept since. Beautiful inside and out - total repaint, new interior, rechromed bumpers, new exhaust, rebuilt transmission, carb, much more. Over $20K spent. Comes with new trunk kit (not yet installed).
VIN: 1H910923
Sold For not disclos
Date: 08-06-2012
Mileage: 38,240
Sellers Description:  
71 BUICK RIVIERA GS (GRAND SPORT) On Apr-09-12, seller added the following information: I JUST HERD FROM A GENTLEMEN THAT OWNED THIS CAR IN 97 AND IT TURNS OUT THAT IS HAS BEEN RESTORED!THE CAR HAS BEEN PAINTED,AND SOME RUST IN THE REAR 1/4S WAS REPLACED WITH NEW METLE NOT BONDO,THE ENG ALSO IS A CORECT 71 GS BUT THE VIN# ON IT DOES NOT MATCH THE VIN ON THE CAR BUT IS PERIOD CORECT,THE ENG WAS RE-BUILT AND HAS 10K MI ON IT.THE MI IS PROUBLEY 140K NOT 40K,BUT THE CAR LOOKS AND DRIVES LIKE 40K IT WAS A VERY HIGH END RESTORATION,IN FACT IN 99 IT SCORED 398 POINTS OUT OF 400 AT THE BUICK OWNERS MEET!! STLL WONT FIND A NICER 71 GS BOATTAIL FOR SALE ANYWHERE,CAR IS WORTH EVERY PENNY I AM ASKING AS YOU COULD NOT RESTORE ONE FOR WHAT I AM ASKING,I JUST WANTED TO BE UP FROUNT AND HONEST WITH THE CAR SO THERE ARE NO DISA[OINTMENTS.EMAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS First year for the Boattail. This is probably the best 71 GS on the market today. This Riviera came from the Lawrence Marchell Collection from his Vintage Car Museum in Texas, it has just over 40k org mi and has not been restored and is in almost new condition, drives like a dream. Car has the org TA code engine and transmission. Very Heavily Optioned -- See options for the full list of factory equipment - Options inc high horse power 455 GS eng (330 hp) GS heavy duty suspension (f40), anti sway bar, Heavy duty cooling system, 350 posi-traction rear end(tag still on the differential see pics) plus many of the rare and desirable ones - Max Trac, 4 note horns, cornering lights, power driver seat, bucket seats with full console, rear defogger, and the very rare rear seat shoulder belts!!, I have never seen rear shoulder belts on a boattail before. Plus many of the more common and standard Riviera options like power windows and door locks, power steering and brakes, cruise, tilt steering wheel, a/c, am/fm radio, remote trunk release, styled steel wheels, with new white wall tires. The undercarriage is all original and never been undercoated! very clean and no rust ever!!(look at picks)paint looks to be all org no sign or repair or re-paint, and the best news is everything works!!, air is ice cold, clock even works, email with any questions, thanks for looking.
VIN: 2H912184
Sold For 0
Date: $data[date_sold]
Mileage: 0
Sellers Description:  
---SOLD --Will accept all offers. Bought, drove and repaired over a couple years and 6k miles. I'm moving and have to sell. I've replaced almost everything on the car. The engine starts/runs. Trans shifts strong. Have (almost)all trim and interior parts. Needs someone with a garage, to love and drive it and put it all back together. Engine is a 1970 455 Location:Philadelphia, Pa 19134
VIN: 2H925644
Sold For traded
Date: august 1, 2012
Mileage: 59
Sellers Description:  
VIN: 3H530668
Sold For 00
Date: 08/01/2012
Mileage: 0
Sellers Description:  
West Coast Classics are proud to present an exceptionally rare example of this completely original 1973 Buick Riviera 455 4 Bbl V8 GS coupe with its highly desirable Autumn Gold color code 54 paint with its original and complimenting Neutral color interior and original White Vinyl Roof with its original 455 4 barrel V8 engine with only 53K original miles and numerous factory features including: TH 400 Automatic Transmission Power Steering Power Brakes (front disc) Dual Exhaust Tilt Wheel Custom Steering Wheel Protective Body Side Moldings Custom Rocker Panel Moldings Electric Clock Glove Box Light Trunk Light Double-Panel Roof Construction Added factory options including very rare and desirable: A9 Riviera GS option of: Steel Belted Radial Tires, Radial Roadability Suspension, Rear Stabilizer Bar & Specific Body Insulation ($171) D4 Sonomatic AM/FM Stereo Radio with front and rear dual speakers ($233) I6 Air Conditioning - Manual Controls ($431) K2 Speed Alert & Trip Odometer ($17) L1 Soft Ray Tinted Glass ($49) N2 Bumper Protective Stripes ($24) N3 Front & Rear Bumper Guards ($31) OY Door Guards ($6) P1 Carpet Savers ($15) Q1 Power Seat - 6 Way Driver Side Only ($103) R1 Power Windows ($129) R3 Front Lamp Monitors ($22) T1 Electric Trunk Release ($14) T2 Electric Door Locks ($45) V2 Chrome Plate Wheels ($70) X6 Wide Rocker Panel & RR OTR LWR Moldings ($37) ** Short Custom Vinyl Roof Covering, Roof finish moldings & wrap over stripe. ($125) ** Custom Trim W60-40 Notch Back Front Seat, Custom Seat & Shoulder Belts, Rear Compartment Cigar Lighter and Litter Container. ($200) The car was sold to its original and only owner, a retired GM employee and as previously stated was always garaged and covered. It is completely original throughout with its original floor mats and will be sold with two sets of original keys, its original owners manual, window sticker and new vehicle warranty manual dated May 25th, 1973 from Liberty Buick of Wilmington, Delaware! It has a very rare and desirable GS package model with options of a factory custom power 60/40 seat, custom short vinyl roof and the very necessary factory options of AC, PW, tilt wheel and speed alert. The $200 GS performance package of wide tires, uprated suspension, shorter final drive and tighter Turbo Hyra-Matic transmission was the deal of the decade and as worthwhile now as it was then! Its original Autumn Gold paint was a Riviera only color option in 1973 and the car still boats its original Custom Short Vinyl roof in original white covering and also boasts a virtually flawless all original interior including the dashboard, steering wheel, carpets and seats. It's original spare wheel and jack are in the trunk. Recently purchased from the son of the original owner whose father had cherished the car since new. As previously stated, the car was always garaged and covered and has no history of any accidents or rust with the floor boards, trunk and all the typically rust-prone areas completely solid and always rust free - obviously an always garaged and cherished driver since new. The 455 4 barrel V8 engine with only 53K original miles is extremely strong and powerful and this particular car drives absolutely magnificently - must be driven to be fully appreciated - drives straight as an arrow with no strange road wobbles, shakes or rattles - a truly remarkable daily driver that will give any modern day sports car a run for it's money! The suspension is tight and smooth and the steering is excellent. All the power options are working as they should. The transmission shifts smoothly through the gears, there are no noticeable oil leaks and the temperature always remains cool. This is a rare opportunity to own a great daily driving and never abused example of an always garaged and rust and accident free 1973 Buick Riviera GS with extremely rare factory custom options as listed on the cars original window sticker, obviously a one of one only example! To find another one owner all original example like this with only 53K original miles would be virtually impossible! Simply one of the finest collectible Boat Tails available anywhere and a very rare and highly desirable and collectible unabused example of one of the outstanding GM designs of the early seventies, a sure-fire investment that's sure to appreciate over the years for any classic American muscle car collector or simply any Buick enthusiast looking for a third generation Riviera! For further information contact West Coast Classics through EBay
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